Friday, March 23, 2012

Balcon de la Residencia, Madrid, watercolor

Balcon de la Residencia de Estudiantes, Madrid, watercolor, 5x7 (12x17cm.) Not available.
This is one of the small watercolors I painted while staying at this Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid in 2010. They were having a special exhibit in memory of Federico Garcia Lorca, Salvador Dali, and the rest of the group of students who lived together there for a few years at the beginning of the century, when they were young and careless. Not only I love Dali's art, and Lorca's poems, but I also remembered how my parents met, many years ago, in Argentina. They were actors in a small town play: "Dona Rosita la Soltera", by Lorca.  It was very interesting and somewhat emotional for me to walk the walk of these two great artists, some 80 years later, and I discovered that Lorca also liked to draw and paint, and that Dali liked to write, too.

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