Wednesday, October 22, 2014


PLAZA DE CATALUÑA, BARCELONA,  6x9 watercolor on paper, painted plain-air on location, yesterday morning. We are having beautiful weather in Barcelona, and this central square is home to hundreds of birds flying in and out, keeping the people happy and entertained.

Barcelona is a very international city, I hear French, English, Spanish, Catalan, and a few other languages, some I cannot identify. Dress code is also international, free and creative, like its incredible buildings. I visited MACBA, the Contemporary Art Museum, and loved the building more than the art inside, just like the Guggenheim in Bilbao. The MACBA building, all white and glass, without barriers, is the brain child of Richard Meier.

Monday, October 20, 2014

TERRASSON, FRANCE, watercolor on paper

TERRASSON, FRANCE, watercolor on my art notebook.
Beautiful citadel, high up on a hill, buildings in stone, and classic gardens overlooking the river. There is an old bridge nearby, from the XII C. , where the open air market takes place every Saturday morning. That's right, on the walking bridge. Beautiful town, Terrasson, about an hour from Brive la Gaillard in France.

AFTER MAX RAEDECKER's gouache, watercolor on paper

AFTER MAX RAEDECKER'S gouache. I visited Max Raedecker's exhibition at the Musée Labenche, in Brive la Gaillard, France, last week. He was born in Amsterdam, and died in Corrèze, 1914-1987. He worked with white wax and gouache on paper.  I painted this with white wax and watercolor on paper. Some of his works are more traditional, landscapes, portraits,  his abstracts are very interesting.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

ALFONS MUCHA, watercolor and ink on travel note-book

ALFONS MUCHA, watercolor and ink in travel note-book, after Alfons Mucha's poster.
Mucha was from Prague, the Check Republic, and became famous in Paris, almost overnight. He designed one poster for Sarah Bernhardt, and she loved it so much, she immediately offered him a 5 year contract. His posters were a fantastic success, contributing to the birth of Art Nouveau.

His best works show figures with a longing look, almost in a hipnotical state. His own immersion in art was often in a state of trance. His drawings and pastels show he never stopped drawing.
We should learn from him. Never stop, keep drawing, practice, practice!

FAREWELL TO CAUTERETS, watercolor in my carnet de voyage

FAREWELL TO CAUTERETS, (France); watercolor in my carnet de voyage. Last view from the second story window of my apartment this year. The mountains around town are changing colors daily. I painted this a week ago, they must be more red today. The contrast with the rooftops, all made of grey/black slate, is always beautiful, more so in the Fall. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

C'EST QUOI LE RAPPORT? watercolor - carnet de voyages

C'EST QUOI LE RAPPORT? watercolor in my carnet de voyages. I just read this book, very cute, by Jake Oliver, asking about different things which apparently may not have anything in common, but they do. You are supposed to guess WHAT is it that they have in common. For example: what do the "coquille St. Jacques", the "limace" and the "Poisson-clown" have in common?
They are all  Hermaphrodites. Some are simultaneous hermaphrodites, while others are sequentials. The simultaneous have both sexes all their lives and use them according to who's their partner. The sequential hermaphrodites, like the "poisson-clown", are born with one sex that can change according to the needs of the group.
It is nature. It is their nature.

LISA EN LAC DE GAUBE - watercolor in sketchbok

LISA EN LAC DE GAUBE , watercolor in my travel sketchbook - carnet de voyages.
This lake "lac de Gaube" is after the famous waterfalls "Pont d'Espagne", near Cauterets, France. Lisa   Marie Evans is a video artist who did a creative residency with me. At the end of her residency, offered a film in creative animation, presented at  the Bibliotheque de Cauterets. It was very well received.