Friday, October 31, 2014


SEVILLA, VISTA DESDE LA CAMPANA, watercolor and ink, 6x9 in.
La Campana is a wonderful bar with outdoor tables, in the heart of Sevilla. This is where the classy calle Sierpes ends, and a few steps from this corner you can visit the 5 story high El Corte Inglés, and have a glass of Cava (champagne) in the terrazza, overlooking the city.

Or, from this same corner, you can walk a few steps in the opposite direction, and visit "Las Setas", and its incredible museum: Antiquarium de Sevilla. Either way, Sevilla has it all, ancient, ultramodern, and you hear English, French, and a few other languages as often as Spanish!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

PARTHENON DE LIBROS, watercolor and ink

PARTHENON DE LIBROS, watercolor and ink in my art-notebook.
Visiting the MACBA, Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, I saw the temporary exhibit: Art and Language. The one which impressed me the most was the collection about Martha Minujin's PARTHENON DE LIBROS, which she presented in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1983. She actually had a building similar to the Parthenon, built with metal tubes, from which they hung thousands of books wrapped in plastic for protection. Thousands of books. A Parthenon of books. Impressive and beautiful!

Monday, October 27, 2014


Las Ramblas, that wonderful avenue full of people, flowers, outside bars, tree-covered souvenir shops, tourists, well-dressed people, poorly-dressed people, people of all colors, shapes, shades, religions, intentions, desires and dreams, this avenue starts in Plaza de Cataluña. I tried several times to walk it to the end, on the Mediterranean sea, but couldn't, not because it is too long, but because it is too interesting! So many places stopped me and engaged me!

Including, of course, stopping to paint. Voila! Enjoy!


LAS RAMBLAS, BARCELONA, watercolor, 6x9.
Walking along Las Ramblas in Barcelona is one of the pleasures of this city, particularly when the weather is so warm and lovely as we have had these past few days.

One evening we found "El Museo del Jamon", amazing!! Beautifully set up, you can learn the history and different ways of feeding the pigs to produce the best hams ever! You can not only see but also taste the differences in their fabulous tasting rooms, or have a wonderful dinner of cheeses, hams, salads, delicious breads, good your mouth watering already?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


PLAZA DE CATALUÑA, BARCELONA,  6x9 watercolor on paper, painted plain-air on location, yesterday morning. We are having beautiful weather in Barcelona, and this central square is home to hundreds of birds flying in and out, keeping the people happy and entertained.

Barcelona is a very international city, I hear French, English, Spanish, Catalan, and a few other languages, some I cannot identify. Dress code is also international, free and creative, like its incredible buildings. I visited MACBA, the Contemporary Art Museum, and loved the building more than the art inside, just like the Guggenheim in Bilbao. The MACBA building, all white and glass, without barriers, is the brain child of Richard Meier.

Monday, October 20, 2014

TERRASSON, FRANCE, watercolor on paper

TERRASSON, FRANCE, watercolor on my art notebook.
Beautiful citadel, high up on a hill, buildings in stone, and classic gardens overlooking the river. There is an old bridge nearby, from the XII C. , where the open air market takes place every Saturday morning. That's right, on the walking bridge. Beautiful town, Terrasson, about an hour from Brive la Gaillard in France.

AFTER MAX RAEDECKER's gouache, watercolor on paper

AFTER MAX RAEDECKER'S gouache. I visited Max Raedecker's exhibition at the Musée Labenche, in Brive la Gaillard, France, last week. He was born in Amsterdam, and died in Corrèze, 1914-1987. He worked with white wax and gouache on paper.  I painted this with white wax and watercolor on paper. Some of his works are more traditional, landscapes, portraits,  his abstracts are very interesting.