Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Balboa Park Tower II

Balboa Park Tower II, watercolor on board, 10x8", available. Painted on location, plein-air.
Balboa Park  in San Diego, California, is one of my favorite places to walk, to paint, to visit museums, to watch interesting things going on, and to sit with a glass of wine at El Prado restaurant.
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Mother and child series # 4

Mother and Child series # 4, watercolor, 6x9, quick sketch while waiting to be helped. Available.
In 1926 Salvador Dali was expelled from the Academia de Bellas Artes, in Spain, for his refusal to sit for examinations with the professors of the moment. He claimed they were idiots and didn't know a thing about art. We have forgotten those professors' names....while we know very well who Salvador Dali is: a genius.
Mother and Child series numero 4, acuarela, 15x23cm. Disponible. La pinte rapidamente, mientras esperaba que me atendieran. 
En 1926 Salvador Dali fue expulsado de la Academia de Bellas Artes, en Espana, por negarse a dar sus examenes con los profesores del momento. El discutia que eran unos idiotas que no sabian nada de arte. Nos hemos olvidado de los nombres de esos profesores...mientras que sabemos muy bien quien es Dali: un genio.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Paris View

Paris View, watercolor, 12x5" (30x13cm.) One of my Paris series. Sold yesterday at La Jolla Art Gallery, California.
In "Styles in Painting", Paul Zucker says: "originality develops only with growth".  "Original forms of expression will arise under preassure of some urgent spiritual need." Food for thought.
Paris View, acuarela, una de mis pinturas de la serie Paris. Vendida ayer en La Jolla Art Gallery, California. En "Styles in Painting", Pau Zucker dice: "la originalidad se desarrolla solo con el crecimiento". "Formas originales de expresion apareceran bajo la presion de una necesidad espiritual urgente." Algo para pensar.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Salle Wallon, Cauterets

Salle Wallon, Cauterets, watercolor, 12x9" (30x22cm.) Available, $ 300.00 US. This is actually the view from the Salle Wallon, in the City Hall of Cauterets, France. When I teach watercolor and pastel workshops for the Office de Tourisme in Cauterets, I use this room, which I love. It is a large wooden floor room, with big windows overlooking the beautiful town, and one mirrored wall. What more can you ask for?
Salle Wallon, Cauterets, acuarela, disponible. En realidad, esta es la vista desde una ventana de la Salle Wallon, en la Intendencia de Cauterets, Francia. Cuando doy mis cursos de acuarela y pastel para la Oficina de Turismo en Cauterets, utilizo esta sala, que amo. Es una sala grande, con piso de madera, y grandes ventanas que miran a la hermosa ciudad, con una pared toda de espejo. Que mas se puede pedir?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Moorea Mood

Moorea Mood, watercolor, 8x10, available at SDAI: Museum of the Living Artist, Balboa Park, San Diego, California. $ 100.-
I recently read Paul Zucker's STYLES IN PAINTING, a comparative study. I found this book at a used book store in Hillcrest, a bohemian neighborhood of San Diego, California. He talks about the dual nature of artistic creation: on a first level it is a record of the artist's plastic vision. On another level, he says, the environment, traditions, political and economic circumstances, religious beliefs, etc. exert a powerful influence on the artist's creations.
Moorea Mood, acuarela, disponible en: San Diego Art Institute: Museum of the Living Artist, Balboa Park, San Diego, California: $100 US.
Hace poco lei un estudio comparativo escrito por Paul Zucker titulado: STYLES IN PAINTING. Encontre este libro en una libreria de libros usados en Hillcrest, un barrio bohemio de San Diego, California. El autor habla de la naturaleza doble de la creacion artistica: en un primer nivel, es un record de la vision plastica del artista. A otro nivel, dice Zucker, el medio ambiente, las tradiciones, las circumstancias politicas y economicas, las creencias religiosas, etc. ejercen una influencia importante en las creaciones del/a artista.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Constance's Vase

Constance's Vase, watercolor, 16x12". Available at  SDAI: Museum of the Living Artist for $200.- House of Charm, Balboa Park, San Diego, California. Reception Saturday, November 26th, 5:00-8:00pm.
When you're a beginner, quantity over quality is the motto. As you have more experience, you can concentrate on quality: brushstroke, value, color temperature, composition, etc.
Constance's Vase, acuarela, disponible en la exhibicion en Museo del Artista Viviente, en la House of Charm, Balboa Park, San Diego, California. La recepcion es este sabado 26 de noviembre, de 5 a 8 de la tarde. 
Cuando eres un principiante, la cantidad mas que la calidad es tu trabajo. Luego, al ganar mas experiencia, puedes concentrarte en la calidad de tu trabajo: pincelada, escala de valores, temperatura del color, composicion, etc.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Amore Toscano

Amore Toscano, watercolor, 2007. 22x30" (55x75cm.) framed, available at SDAI: Museum of the Living Artist, Balboa Park, San Diego, California, for the next two weeks for $300.- Reception on Saturday, November 26th, 5:00-8:00pm. Come one, come all!!!
Amore Toscano, acuarela, disponible en Museo de Artistas Vivientes, Balboa Park, San Diego, California, por las proximas dos semanas por $300 dolares. Recepcion el sabado 26 de noviembre, de 5 a 8 de la tarde. Vengan todos!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Sevilla! watercolor on Yupo, 17x23" (43x57cm.) framed, $200 US at SDAI: Museum of the Living Artist, Balboa Park, San Diego, California. Opening Reception Saturday November 26th, 5:00-8:00pm. This show is called: "C-NOTE", because all the paintings in this show are either 100, 200 or 300 dollars, and you take the painting you like off the wall, walk to the tables set up at the exit, pay and take the painting home with you. It's a fun and very popular show. People wait in line before doors open, so come early!!
Sevilla! acuarela sobre papel Yupo. Esta pintura esta por $200 dolares en SDAI: Museo del Artista Viviente, Balboa Park, San Diego, California. La recepcion de apertura es el sabado 26 de noviembre, de 5:00 a 8:00 de la tarde. Este show se llama "C-Note" porque todas las pinturas en este show valen 100, 200 o 300 dolares, y tu sacas la pintura de la pared, vas a las mesas dispuestas a la salida, pagas y te llevas la pintura a casa contigo. Es un sistema divertido y muy popular. La gente espera en cola antes de que abran las puertas, asi que ven temprano!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cascade de Loutour, France

Cascade de Loutour, France, watercolor, 16x12". Available: $300.-shipping unframed included.
"Don't be fixated on making a good painting. You can't be afraid of making a bad painting if you are going to learn." Diana Horowitz.
Cascade de Loutour, France, acuarela. "No te obsesiones con hacer una pintura perfecta. No debes tener miedo de hacer una mala pintura si vas a aprender." Diana Horowitz.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

After the Rain

After the Rain, watercolor, 16x10" (40x25cm.) This watercolor is on its way to Pool Art Fair, South Beach, Miami, Florida, where it will be part of the exhibition from December 1-4. Available at the Fair for $600.-
Study the golden section: you should try to master the principles of design, so that you can build a composition organically. Some masters believe that color should always be secondary to a good design.
After The Rain, acuarela. Esta acuarela esta en camino hacia Pool Art Fair, South Beach, Miami, Florida, donde participara en la exhibicion del 1-4 diciembre. Disponible en la Pool Art Fair por $600.-
Debes estudiar la section dorada: hay que tratar de dominar los principios de diseno, para poder construir una composicion de manera organica. Algunos Maestros creen que el color debe estar siempre subordinado a un buen diseno.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ancien Apart de Chris et Ger

Ancien Apart de Chris et Ger, watercolor, 12x17 cm., painted on location, from the window of my friends Christopher and Geraldine's apartment, in Toulouse, France. They have just bought a house, so their apartment is now "the old apartment".
Ancien Apart de Chris et Ger, acuarela, pintada desde la ventana del departamento de  mis amigos Christopher y Geraldine, en Toulouse, Francia. Ellos acaban de comprarse una casa, asi que el departamento es ahora "el viejo departamento".

Saturday, November 12, 2011

California Trails

California Trails, watercolor, 12x17cm. Available, $ 100.00, US shipping included.
Recently my friend Rose from Florida asked me what to do when you can't decide where to start, what to paint, what medium to use, in other words, when you're stuck. My advice to her, and to myself, because it's easier for me to tell somebody else, but sometimes I need it, too, is this: Paint NOW for 30 minutes, whatever is in front of you, even your own feet (I've done it). Decide this is Watercolor Week, and work only in watercolor for a week. Then change to pastels. Or oils. Or acrylics.  You're the captain of your ship. Tell that lazy sailor of yourself what to do, and you want it done immediately!
California Trails, acuarela, 12x17 cm. Disponible: $100.00, envio dentro de US incluido.
Hace poco mi amiga Rose de Florida me pregunto que hacer cuando uno no se decide por donde empezar, que tecnica emplear, etc. Blanqueo total. Mi aviso para ella, y para mi misma, pues a veces yo me siento igual, es este: Pinta YA durante 30 minutos, lo que este al frente tuyo, aunque sean tus pies (yo lo he hecho). Decide que esta sera la semana de la acuarela, y trabaja solo en acuarela por una semana. Luego cambias a pastel. U oleo. O acrilico. Tu eres el capitan de tu barco. Dile al marinero holgazan que eres lo que hay que hacer, y lo que quieres hecho immediatamente!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sandpiper Nostalgia

Sandpiper Nostalgia, watercolor, 14x22" (35x55cm.) Available, $400 US, shipping unframed included.
Tonalist Painters were associated with Romanticism, following from the Barbizon School in France. American Tonalism is a painting style characterized by moody effects that follow from the broad handling of saturated paint, vague linear marks, and harmonious color.
Sandpiper Nostalgia, acuarela, disponible: ver precio arriba, envio sin enmarcar esta incluido.
Los pintores Tonalistas estuvieron asociados con el Romanticismo, siguiendo la Escuela Barbizon en Francia. El Tonalismo Americano es un estilo de pintar caracterizado por efectos temperamentales, sentimentales, que resultan del manejo ligero de pinceles saturados de pintura, con marcas vagas, y colores harmoniosos.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Driving to L.A. in the Rain II

Driving to L.A. in the Rain II, watercolor, 4x6" (10x15cm.). This painting and the one I published yesterday were painted on the same trip from San Diego to Los Angeles, California, in the car, in the rain, while my husband was driving. I paint every day, but I usually don't publish the painting the same day, since it requires photographing the painting, and downloading the image to my laptop before I can use it.
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Driving to L.A. in the Rain II (Conduciendo a L.A. en la lluvia II ) Esta pintura y la que publique ayer fueron pintadas en el mismo viaje de San Diego a Los Angeles, California, en el auto, en la lluvia, mientras mi esposo conducia. Yo pinto todos los dias, pero generalmente no publico la pintura hech en ese mismo dia, puesto que debo fotografiarla y bajar la imagen a mi laptop antes de usarla.
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Driving to L.A. in the Rain

Driving to L.A. in the Rain, watercolor, 4x6" (10x15cm.) This is what I do while my husband drives: I paint, no matter the weather. A word about Complimentary Colors: they set up a tension in the nervous system of the eye, making each color appear more exciting, and more intense. Think of Van Gogh's blue and orange! Think of the shopping enticements coming up soon, with decorations in green and red!
Driving to L.A. in the Rain, (Conduciendo a Los Angeles en la lluvia) acuarela. Esto es lo que hago mientras mi esposo conduce: Yo pinto, no importa que tiempo hace. Una palabra sobre los Colores Complementarios: ellos establecen tension en el sistema nervioso del ojo, haciendo que cada color aparezca mas excitante, y mas intenso. Piensa en Van Gogh, y sus azules y naranjas! Piensa en las atracciones de compras que vendran pronto, con decoraciones en rojo y verde!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Parc Gouvieux

Parc Gouvieux, watercolor, 13x17cm. Lovely park near Chantilly, France.
The four qualities of color are: Intensity, Temperature, Value and Hue. Regarding intensity, for better use of your money: buy bright colors that you can dull if needed. It's much harder to brighten up a dull color.
Parc Couvieux, acuarela. Hermoso parque cerca de Chantilly, Francia.
Las cuatro cualidades del color son: Intensidad, Temperatura, Valor y Color. Con respecto a la intensidad, es mejor uso de tu dinero comprar colores brillantes, que siempre se pueden apagar si es necesario. Es mucho mas dificil hacer mas brillante un color apagado.