Friday, July 31, 2015

LE COQ, FRANCE, acrylic on canvas

LE COQ, FRANCE, acrylic on canvas, 16x20 ".

You must know that the rooster, a proud bird, is the symbol of France. This painting was part of my solo show this year at the Bibliothèque de Cauterets, and is now hanging in exhibition at the Agence Immobiliere Bordenave , Cauterets, France.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

MARBELLA FOR GABRIELA, watercolors on black canvas

MARBELLA FOR GABRIELA, watercolors on black canvas, 16x20 in.

As I said in my previous post: "Sevilla for Gabriela", I prepared these two compositions of small watercolors as a special present for my daughter Gabriela, who lives in Sevilla and vacations in Marbella, Spain. These are watercolors done over several years, on my visits there. The last two, at the bottom of this collection, were done in the airplane one very early morning, leaving to Paris. I had both views, AT THE SAME TIME! to my left: the sky with the moon and an engine, to my right, the sun coming up on the horizon. It was incredible!!! I had to paint it!!!

SEVILLA FOR GABRIELA, watercolors on black canvas

SEVILLA FOR GABRIELA, watercolors on black canvas, 16x20 in. canvas.

I have been visiting my daughter Gabriela in Sevilla, Spain, for over 15-18 years. I sketch and paint small watercolors and "carnet de voyages" wherever I go. A couple of months ago, revisiting my travel sketchbooks I realized I had a good collection of small watercolors done in Sevilla over the years, and decided to put them together in some way. I selected a few, tried different ways, finally deciding on a black canvas background. I glued "photo corners" on the canvas, so each watercolor could be viewed like this, all of them together, but also you could take one out and see the reverse, where typically I write the title and/or date of the painting. I made this one with all paintings done in Sevilla, some inside my grand-daughter's bedroom, and the other canvas are watercolors in Marbella.

Monday, July 27, 2015

SUR LE CHEMIN , EN AGUARON, ESPAÑA , acrylic on canvas

SUR LE CHEMIN, EN AGUARON, ESPAÑA,  acrylic on canvas, painted and exhibited in France in June 2015, 81x100 cm. (32x36")

I started this painting in plain-air, on a hill near Aguaron, where the rooftops really attracted my attention. After 4 hours, the heat, the mosquitoes and some dog barking loud the entire time forced me to stop. I finished it later  in France, under very pleasant conditions: in the garden of "La Maison des Arts", in Pierrefitte-Nestalas, Haute Pyrenees.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

MEDUSA, acrylic over ceramic mask over black canvas

MEDUSA, 16x20 in. black canvas- ceramic mask, painted with acrylics, glued to the canvas. The result is pretty striking.

My ceramist friend and studio neighbor Doreen Mellen made the mask, which I glued to a black canvas, and painted in acrylics. We had fun with this collaboration. It is in exhibition and for sale at The Glashaus Studios and Gallery, 1815 Main Street, San Diego, California. Come visit us!