Sunday, August 12, 2012

La Mairie de Cauterets

La Mairie de Cauterets, watercolor. This is one of the paintings in my new show:DOORS, WINDOWS, BALCONIES...Open, the Bibliotheque Municipale de Cauterets, France,  opening on Thursday, August 16th , Reception from 5-7 pm. You are invited!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Danaide, mixed media

Danaide, mixed media as follows: watercolor and hand-made Hungarian lace, on Hungarian hand-made watercolor paper. 38x26cm.  Can you see her? Danaide's constantly carrying water to a leaking fountain, according to mythology. In my work, I've used watercolor and the lace to represent the falling water. The lace was sewn with thread into the paper, and it is floating down. This framed painting will be exhibited at the Pen Club Gallery, in Budapest, Hungary, from August 24 to September 28. Opening Reception on August 24th., details coming up in a couple of weeks.

Car in Park, inkwash

Car in Park, inkwash, 14x18, available. Sketched at the Budapest City Park, a few days ago.
Karoly Marko is one of Hungary's best known painters. Marko spent most of his life working abroad in Vienna and Italy, but he never really lost contact with Hungary. From the 1840s almost every Hungarian painter who visited Italy spent some time in his studio. His visit back for a few days was celebrated raptourously, culminating with the opening of the Marko Hall in the Hungarian National Museum, in Budapest.