Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Los Zapatos de Annie

Los Zapatos de Annie, pastel, 20x16 (50x40cm.)

Every form of art took society hundreds of years to accept. One important reason was the power of the Christian Church. They prohibited non-religious images. Still life paintings were considered "low in rank". The earliest surviving still lifes are from Pompeii. Caravaggio has said: "It's just as difficult to paint a good picture of fruit, as it is to paint human figures." A todas las formas de arte les llevo muchos anos ser aceptadas. Una razon importante fue el poder de la Iglesia Cristiana. Ellos prohibian imagenes no religiosas. El "bodegon" or "naturaleza muerta" era considerado "mas bajo nivel" como tema pictorico. Los bodegones mas viejos que han sobrevivido son de Pompeya. Caravaggio ha dicho: "Es igualmente dificil de pintar una buena pintura de frutas, como lo es de figuras humanas."

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mon Jardin Secret

Mon Jardin Secret, acrylic, 16x12"(40x30 cm.) or "my secret garden", represents the view from my window in the Pyrenees, and my soul. This painting was exhibited in France in 2008, and belongs to my dear friend Lupi, in California. "Mi jardin secreto", representa la vista desde mi ventana en los Pirineos, y mi alma. Esta pintura fue exhibida en Francia en el 2008, y pertenece a mi querida amiga Lupi, en California.

There has been many painters/writers. Among them, some didn't even go to school, like William Blake, who said: "Education is no good, it is a grave mistake. It is a sin." Some other painter/writers are: Charlotte and Emily Bronte, Winston Churchill, Hans Christian Andersen, e.e. cummings, Kahlil Gibran, Federico Garcia Lorca. Who's your favorite? Ha habido muchos pintores/escritores. Entre ellos, algunos ni siquiera fueron a la escuela, como William Blake, quien dijo: "La educacion no es buena, es un grave error. Es un pecado." Otros pintores/escritores son: Charlotte y Emily Bronte, Winston Churchill, Hans Christian Andersen, e.e. cummings, Kahlil Gibran, Federico Garcia Lorca. Quien es tu favorito?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tired Boots

Tired Boots, white charcoal over black Canson paper, 11x14" (28x 35 cm.) "Botas Cansadas", carbon blanco sobre papel Canson negro.

Herman Hesse said once: "I don't think I'm a painter, but painting is wonderful. Afterwards, one doesn't have black fingers, but blue and red fingers." And Marcel Duchamp said: "I've forced myself to contradict myself, to avoid following my own taste." Herman Hesse ha dicho: "No creo que sea pintor, pero pintar es maravilloso. Luego uno no tiene los dedos negros, sino azules y rojos." Y Marcel Duchamp ha dicho: " Me he obligado a mi mismo a contradecirme, para evitar seguir mi propio gusto."

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Cotton Club

The Cotton Club, watercolor, 8x10" (20x25 cm.) Men picking up cotton in the South in the United States. Hardly a "club". Hombres recogiendo algodon en el sur de Estados Unidos. Dificil de creer que fueran "un club de algodon".
Back to Paris, Centre Pompidou last year with their special show of women artists: Marina Abramovic, has said: "Art must be beautiful"; Louise Bourgois, her autoportrait in 1942, struk me as magnificent. She was saying..."I ought to be doing something else..." Atsuko Tanaka presented a lights costume, too heavy to be worn by itself, must be held from above: "Role Electrique" was a huge success. Based on Virginia Wolf's "A room of one's own", "Une Chambre a soi" was an interesting piece. V. W. had said there were two requirements indispensable for women to create: 500 lb. a year, and a room of one's own. De vuelta en Paris, el Centro Pompidou del ano pasado con su exhibicion of artists.femeninos. ": marina Abramovic ha dicho: "El Arte debe ser maravilloso." Louise Bourgois, su autorretrato en 1942, me llego como magnifico! Ella solia decir: "Yo deberia estar haciendo otra coaa.... Atsuko Tanaka presento un traje de bombillas electricas demasiado pesado para ser usado solo, debe estar suspendido desde arriba: "Role Electrique" fue un exito total. Basado en "Una habitacion para crear aqui en Boqute, fue una pieza interesante. V Wolf habia dicho aque habia dos requisitos para que las mujere comenzaran a crear: una pieza para ellas solas, y 500 libras al ano.

Friday, July 23, 2010

La Casa de Fernanda

La Casa de Fernanda, watercolor, 5x7" (12x17 cm.)

At last year's all female artists show at Centre Pompidou in Paris, "Elles@ Centre Pompidou", the artists and their work that impressed me the most were: Annette Messager's "Les Piques", Magdalena Abranovicz "Abakan Grand Noir" (her obsession with organic life), Valerie Export's "Touch Cinema", Sandra Vasquez de la Norra's pencil drawings, Maja Bajevich's embroidery done on scaffolding in Sarajevo 2000 "Women at Work". En la exhibicion de artistas mujeres del ano pasado en el Centro Pompidou en Paris: "Elles @ Centre Pompidou", las artistas y sus trabajos que mas me impresionaron fueron: "Les Piques" de Annette Messager; la obsesion con la vida organica "Abakan Grand Noir de Magdalena Abranovicz; el "Cine que se toca" de Valerie Export; los dibujos a lapiz de Sandra Vasquez de la Norra; los bordados en andamios en Sarajevo 2000 de Maja Bajevich.


Peregrino, oil on Panamenian coffee bag, 30x22" (75x55cm). I'm in my last few days in Boquete, Panama, going back to California in a few days, and then to the French Pyrenees a few days after that. I feel this painting reflects my state of mind at the moment: Panamenian support (original coffee bag I treated for painting) and a trail in the French Pyrenees in the Fall, where I will be hiking and painting this coming Fall. Estoy en mis ultimos dias en Boquete, Panama, pues vuelvo a California en unos dias, y luego vuelo a los Pirineos franceses unos dias despues. Siento que esta pintura refleja mi estado animico en este momento: El apoyo o la base es Panamena (bolsa de cafe original, que yo trate especialmente para pintarla) y un sendero de los Pirineos franceses, en el otono, donde estare pintando y caminando este otono proximo.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Symphony, oil on canvas, 10x10" (25x25 cm.) Inspired by my stay near San Diego Bay, at the beginning of this year. La inspiracion para pintar este oleo fue durante mi estadia en San Diego a principios de este ano.

The Centre Pompidou in Paris, had a special show of women artists in 2009. I was impressed by Marina Abramovic's work. Marina Abramovic, artist born in 1946, has said: "We are filled with fears." and...."when I work, the element of danger, facing pain and the exhaustion of physical strength were very important because those are the states of total "presence" of the body, states that keep a person alert and aware. " El Centro Pompidou en Paris, tenia una exhibicion especial de artistas mujeres en 2009. Me impresiono el trabajo de Marina Abramovic, nacida en 1946, quien ha dicho: "Estamos llenos de miedos."...y luego..."cuando yo trabajo, el elemento de miedo, enfrentar el dolor y el cansancio fisico son muy importantes porque esos son los estados de presencia total del cuerpo, los estados que mantienen a una persona alerta y despierta."

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Forever, watercolor, 10x7" (25x18cm.)approx. The day my daughter Evelyn came home from the hospital with my grandson Cassius three years ago, her tender look of love was iluminated by a window nearby. The scene touched me very much. I grabbed my sketchbook and painted "Forever". It was selected for exhibition at the San Diego Watercolor Society in 2007. "Para Siempre", acuarela. El dia que mi hija Evelyn llego del hospital con mi nieto Cassius hace tres anos, su tierna mirada de amor estaba iluminada por una ventana cercana, y la vision me llego al alma. Tome mi cuaderno de acuarelas, y pinte "Forever". Esta pintura fue seleccionada para exhibicion en la San Diego Watercolor Society en 2007.

Suzanne Valadon (1865-1938) is one of my favorite painters. She has good drawings that freeze a moment in life, in movement, filled with intensity. She's Utrillo's mother. Mother and child painters. I find Utrillo's paintings cold and lifeless, while Valadon's have energy and are full of life. Suzanne Valadon es una de mis pintoras favoritas. Ella tiene buenos dibujos que congelan un momento en la vida, en movimiento, llenos de intensidad. Valadon es la madre de Utrillo. Madre e hijo pintores. Yo encuentro la pintura de Utrillo fria y sin vida, mientras que la de Valadon tiene energia y esta llena de vida.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Winds of Childhood

Winds of Childhood, pastel on suede board, 16x20" (40x50 cm.) This pastel was inspired by an old photograph of me as a young mother and my son Danny. "Vientos de Ninez". Este pastel fue inspirado por una vieja fotografia de mi como madre joven, y mi hijo Danny.

The painters that touch me the most are those who are able to keep the light in their paintings. In watercolor, you try to maximize the white of the support. In oils, if you use "les glacis" (layers of a mixture of linseed oil and Damar varnish, sometimes with color), over light colors you optimize the play of reflections. In pastel, good quality, soft pastels have a tremendous brilliance, my favorite are Schminke. I love Schminke pastels, a pity they are so expensive, you have to use them very carefully! Los pintores que mas me llegan al alma son los que han logrado mantener la luz en sus pinturas. En acuarela, uno trata de maximizar el blanco del papel. En oleo, usando uno o mas "glacis" (capas de una mezcla de Damar varnish y aceite, a veces con color), sobre los colores claros uno optimiza el juego de reflejos. En pastel, los pasteles suaves de buena calidad tienen un brillo extraordinario, mis favoritos son los Schminke. Me encantan! es una pena que sean tan caros, hay que usarlos con mucho cuidado!

Woman, Waiting

Woman, Waiting, watercolor, 9x6" (22x15 cm.) For centuries, waiting has been the destiny of women; waiting for the baby to be born, waiting for the fishermen to come back from the sea, waiting to be allowed to vote, to work, to study, waiting... "Mujer, Esperando" , acuarela. Durante siglos, esperar ha sido el destino de la mujer; esperar que nazca el bebe, esperar que llegue el barco de pescadores del mar, esperar a que se le permita votar, trabajar, estudiar, esperar...

Last year, when I was studying in Paris, I was invited to Ans Weiderman's house in Viroflay, on the outskirts of Paris. First we had smoked eel, brought from Holland the day before by a friend. Then we had salad, duck breast in pepper sauce, chestnuts and carrots; Champagne and Bordeaux. Ans has beautiful artwork, including an original drawing by Berthe Morrisot. A mother and child, about 6x4 inches, pencil on beige paper, beautifully framed. A treat! El ano pasado, cuando estaba estudiando en Paris, fui invitada a la casa de Ans Weiderman en Viroflay, en las afueras de Paris. Primero comimos anguila ahumada, traida de Holanda el dia anterior por una amiga. Luego ensalada, pechuga de pato en salsa de pimienta, con zanahorias y castanas; Champagne y vino Bordeaux. Ans tiene bellisimo arte en sus paredes, incluyendo un dibujo original de Berthe Morrisot. Una imagen de madre con nino, de 15x10 cm., lapiz sobre papel beige, hermosamente enmarcada. Un festin!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Girls Out

Girls Out, oil on canvas, 22x30" (55x75 cm.)Here in Boquete, Panama, it's common to see the Ngwobe-Bugle girls in their typical dresses. One sunny day I was driving along a beautiful tree lined road, when I saw several women and girls coming out of a simple wood house. I was instantly inspired, I loved that vision! Aqui en Boquete, Panama, es comun de ver las mujeres Ngwobe-Bugle en sus vestidos tipicos. Un dia de sol yo iba a lo largo de una calle arbolada muy bonita, cuando vi varias mujeres y ninas salir de una casa de madera muy simple. La inspiracion me flecho, que bella vision aquella!

Maurice de Vlaminck tried to capture the essence of speed. He was fascinated by it. He said: "A painter must be as fascinated by painting as by the world around him/her. I also paint for love of nature, of the subjects, of the landscape." And I add: me, too. Maurice de Vlaminck trato de capturar la esencia de la velocidad. Lo fascinaba. El dijo: "Un pintor debe estar tan fascinado por la pintura como por el mundo a su alrededor. Yo tambien pinto por amor a la naturaleza, del sujeto, y del paisaje." Y yo agrego: yo tambien.

Bugle Girl

Bugle Girl, watercolor, 6x4" (15x10cm.)
I'll continue today with Maurice de Vlaminck. He painted extremely fast, to transmit the emotions of the moment. He was an autodidact of painting and life. For years he lived doing two activities: painting and cycling. He dedicated his entire energy, passionately, to any activity he pursued, so that's how he painted, too. Apollinaire said of him: "M. de V. has a sense of joy full of fire. Painting for him is a fair, a party. All of him laughs." Hoy continuare con Maurice de Vlaminck. El pintaba extremadamente rapido, para transmitir las emociones del momento. Fue un autodidacta de la pintura y de la vida. Durante anos el vivio haciendo solo dos actividades: pintando y andando en bicicleta. El dedicaba su energia, apasionadamente, a toda actividad que hacia, asi que asi tambien pintaba. Apollinaire dijo de el: " V. tiene un sentido de la alegria lleno de fuego. Pintar es para el una kermese. Todo su cuerpo entero rie."

Thursday, July 15, 2010

High Noon

High Noon, pastel on suede board, 16x20" (40x50cm.) This is a view of Laguna Beach, California. This painting was exhibitied at the San Clemente Art Gallery in 2009. Esta es una vista de Laguna Beach, California. Esta pintura fue exhibida en la Galeria de Arte de San Clemente en 2009.

Maurice de Vlaminck, in 1901, after seeing the works of Van Gogh, said: "Today, I love Van Gogh more than my father". Vlaminck hated war. During the First World War, in which he had to participate, he didn't feel he belonged to either camp. His one and only enemy, he declared, was the war. Maurice de Vlaminck, en 1901, luego de ver la obra de Van Gogh, dijo: "En este dia, yo amo a Van Gogh mas que a mi padre." Vlaminck odiaba la guerra. Durante la primera guerra mundial, en la cual el tuvo que participar, no se sentia que el pertenecia a ninguno de los dos campos. Su enemigo absoluto y unico, segun el declaro, era la guerra misma.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Enaguas, oil on canvas, 16x20" (40x50cm.) I had the inspiration for this painting driving around Boquete, Panama, with my friend Susan, on a sunny day. The Ngwobe-Bugle women wash their colorful dresses, called "enaguas", and hang them out to dry. Tuve la inspiracion para esta pintura manejando en la zona de Boquete, Panama, con mi amiga Susan, en un dia soleado. Las mujeres Ngwobe-Bugle lavan sus vestidos llenos de colores, llamados "enaguas", y los cuelgan a secar.

Wassily Kandinsky, in his book On the Spiritual in Art, established the philosophical basis of non-objective painting. His book Point and Line to Plane , published in 1926, is one of the most influential books in 20th C. art. He presents here a detailed exposition of the inner dynamics of non-objective painting. Kandinsky, en su libro En lo Espiritual en el Arte, establecio las bases filosoficas de la pintura no-objetiva. Su libro Punto y Linea al Plano, publicado en 1926, es uno de los libros que mas ha influenciado el arte del siglo veinte. El presenta aqui una exposicion detallada de la dinamica interior de la pintura no-objetiva.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Le Couvreur

Le Couvreur, watercolor on Arches paper, 22x15" (56X38 cm.) I'm fascinated by working people. Men installing tiles on rooftops are courageous souls. The inspiration for this painting happened one day in Cauterets, my beautiful town in the French Pyrenees, on a day I missed the bus. I sat at the station waiting for the next bus, then I noticed the way light hit a man working on a nearby rooftop. I quickly took out my sketchbook. This watercolor was exhibited at the Exhibition International de l'Aquarelle, St. Marie de Campan, 2009, then at the Bibliotheque Municipal de Cauterets, France, 2009. A mi me fascinan escenas de gente trabajando. Los hombres que instalan tejas en los techos son muy valientes. La inspiracion para esta pintura ocurrio en Cauterets, mi preciosa ciudad en los Pirineos franceses, un dia que perdi el omnibus. Me sente a esperar el proximo, y note la manera en que la luz le daba a hombres trabajando en un techo cercano. Rapidamente saque mi cuaderno de bosquejos. Esta acuarela fue exhibida en la Exposicion Internacional de Acuarelas en St. Marie de Campan, y en la Biblioteca Municipal de Cauterets, Francia, 2009.

Another Japanese artist: NI ZAN (1301-13...?) considered the most important intellectual artist in Japan, due to his oeuvre and his life. Coming from a well-off family, Ni Zan spent the first part of his life between the library and his desk, where he painted, composed poems, and worked on calligraphy. His landscapes are spiritual, a graphique materialization of his interior life. Approaching 50, Ni Zan gave away all his personal possessions and adopted an errant's life liberating his spirit of all ties. Otro artista japones: NI ZAN , considerado el artista intelectual mas importante en Japon, debido a su obra y su vida. Venia de una familia pudiente, Ni Zan paso la primera parte de su vida entre la biblioteca y su escritorio, donde pintaba, escribia poemas, y trabajaba en caligrafia. Sus paisajes son espirituales, una materializacion grafica de su vida interior. Al acercarce a los 50 anos, Ni Zan reglo todas sus posesiones materiales y adopto una vida errante, liberando su espiritu de ataduras materiales.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Going Home

Going Home, pastel on suede board, 20x16" (50x40 cm.). This painting was exhibited at the San Clemente Art Gallery, in San Clemente, California. Esta pintura fue exhibida en la galeria San Clemente, en San Clemente, California.

Hokusai Katsushika (1760-1849) is the best known Japanese artist in Europe. He left a considerable amount of work, which due to its originality took a while to become well known in Japan. Hokusai didn't limit himself to the general technique and subjects done at the time following the ukiyo-e school. He had a curious and perfectionist spirit, always researching new things. Hokusai Katsushika (1760-1849) es el artista japones mas conocido en Europa. Dejo una considerable cantidad de trabajos, los cuales, debido a su originalidad, tomaron su tiempo en imponerse en Japon. Hokusai no se limito a la tecnica general y sujetos comunes en la escuela ukiyo-e en ese momento. El tenia un espiritu curioso y perfeccionista, siempre en busqueda de cosas nuevas.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bullfight in Sevilla

Bullfight in Sevilla, watercolor, 12x16" (30x40 cm.). This painting was exhibited at the San Diego Watercolor Society in 2006, and at the School of Art and Design in Solana Beach in 2007. Today Spain has just won de Soccer World Cup, so this is my small homage to that beautiful country, congratulations...ole'!! Esta pintura fue exhibida en la Sociedad de Acuarela de San Diego en 2006, y en la Escuela de Arte y Diseno en Solana Beach en 2007. Hoy Espana ha ganado la Copa Mundial de Futbol, asi que este es mi pequeno homenaje a ese hermoso pais, felicitaciones...y ole!

Heard at my graduation from California State University Dominguez Hills with my Master degree in English and Linguistics: "If you work with your hands you're a laborer. If you work with your hands and your brain, you're a professional. If you work with your hands, your brain, and your heart, you are an artist!" May all of you who read this be artists! Escuchado en mi graduacion de la Universidad de California Dominguez Hills, donde recibi un grado de Master en ingles y Linguistica: "Si trabajas con tus manos, eres un trabajador manual. Si trabajas con tus manos y tu cerebro, eres un profesional. Si trabajas con tus manos, tu cerebro y tu corazon, eres un artista!" Espero que todos los que lean esto sean artistas!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tumba Cana

Tumba Cana, acrylic on coffee bag, 30x22" (75x55cm.) I painted a similar, smaller image in pastel on paper. I liked this girl dancing the Panamenian dance so much, I painted her on a Panamenian coffee bag. This painting is hanging at the Boquete Studio, in Boquete, Panama, at this moment. Pinte una imagen parecida y mas pequena en pastel sobre papel. Me gusto tanto esta chica bailando la danza tradicional panamena, que la pinte sobre una bolsa de cafe de Panama. Ahora cuelga en el Boquete Studio, en Boquete, Panama.

Today I'll tell you about the Picasso Museum in Paris. Here I saw his "Portrait of Mme. Rosenberg et sa fille", from 1918, for the first time in a museum, since it had been recently donated. His sketches and notes while working on the portraits are also here. It is interesting to note this was the only time Picasso took a commission. Other memorable paintings were one he did on a kitchen towel, and another one on the back of the framed canvas. His pastel work was excellent, too. A good artist can work with anything, on anything. Like he said: "if I run out of red, I use blue." Hoy hablo del Museo Picasso en Paris. Alli vi su "Retrato de Mme. Rosenberg y su hija", de 1918, que estaba por primera vez en un museo, pues acababa de ser donado. Sus notas y bosquejos mientras pintaba tambien estan alli. Fue la unica vez que Picasso tomo una comision. Otras pinturas memorables fueron una sobre un repasador de cocina, otra en la parte de atras de una tela. Su trabajo en pastel tambien excelente. Un buen artista puede trabajar con cualquier cosa, sobre cualquier cosa. Como el dijo: "si se me termina el rojo, uso el azul."

Friday, July 9, 2010

Volcan Baru

Volcan Baru, watercolor on paper, 5x7" (12x17cm.)

Today I'll talk about another museum I loved: Musee Cernuchi, Musee de la Ville de Paris. Mr. Cernuchi was born in Italy, he had gone to Paris as a refugee, worked and made his fortune there. He loved Asian art and had a great collection of Asian art. He donated his collection to the city of Paris for everybody to enjoy. This museum is free (all museums belonging to the "Ville de Paris" are free), it has a lovely Japanese garden in the back. I recommend it for your next visit to Paris, France. Hoy les contare de otro museo que me encanta: el museo Cernuchi, Museo de la Ciudad de Paris. El senor Cernuchi nacio en Italia, el habia ido a Paris como refugiado, trabajo y amaso su fortuna alli. Amaba el arte asiatico y tenia una gran coleccion. El dono su coleccion de Arte Asiatico a la ciudad de Paris para que todo el mundo la disfrutara. Este museo es gratis (todos los museos pertenecientes a "La Ciudad de Paris" son gratis), tiene un hermoso jardin japones atras. Lo recomiendo en tu proxima visita a Paris, Francia.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rain Forest Journey

Rain Forest Journey, oil on canvas, 22x30" (56x76 cm.) I'm impressed and delighted with the indian women walking along the roads here in Boquete, Panama. They carry children, heavy bags, or just by themselves, in beautifully decorated and long dresses of bright colors. Hanging in front of her dress, accross her body, is the "chacara", knitted bag of a special fiber, which expands as you keep loading it with things. They seem to be miracle bags! Estoy impresionada y encantada con las mujeres indias que caminan a lo largo de los caminos aqui en Boquete, Panama. Ellas llevan sus ninos, o bolsas cargadas, o caminan solas, en vestidos largos de colores brillantes y hermosamente decorados. Colgando a traves de su cuerpo, delante de su vestido, esta la "chacara", bolsa tejida de una fibra especial, que se estira y agranda al ponerle mas cosas adentro. Parecen ser bolsas milagrosas!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Memory Corner

Memory Corner, watercolor, 5x7" (12x17 cm.)
The Musee Guimet, in Trocadero, Paris, France, is a jewel of Asian Art. On the 3rd floor there is a pavillion of ivory, a present from China to France, and beautiful vases and other porcelain. The 2nd level is Classical China. Chinese painting has the particularity of linking the art of painting with the art of writing: calligraphy. It's finest example is found in landscape painting. The poet Su-Shi in the 11th C. was the initiator. Musee Guimet's collection of ceramics of over 10,000 pieces is one of the most important in the world. El Museo Guimet, en Trocadero, Paris, Francia, es una joya de arte asiatico. En el tercer piso hay un pabellon de marfil, regalo de China a Francia, y bellisimos jarrones y mas porcelana. El segundo nivel es China Clasica. La pintura china clasica tiene la particularidad de unir el arte de la pintura con el arte de la escritura: caligrafia. El mejor ejemplo se encuentra en la pintura de paisajes. El poeta Su-Shi del siglo 11 fue el iniciador. La colleccion de ceramicas de mas de 10,000 pieces es una de las mas importantes del mundo.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family TV Time

Family TV Time, watercolor, 5x7" (12x17 cm.) From my watercolor journal: while my husband and my grandchildren Natalie and Cassius were watching tv, I was watching and painting them! It reminds me something Groucho Marx used to say: "I find television very educational: when somebody turns it on, I go to the other room to read." De mi cuaderno de acuarelas: mientras mi marido y mis nietos Natalie y Cassius miraban television, yo los miraba y pintaba a ellos! Esto me recuerda un dicho de Groucho Marx: "Yo encuentro la television muy educativa: cuando alguien la prende, me voy a la otra habitacion a leer."

Monday, July 5, 2010

Emily Reading

Emily Reading, watercolor, 7x5 " (17x12 cm.) " Emily leyendo", acuarela en mi cuaderno diario.

"Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it."-- Salvador Dali.
"Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die left undone."-- Pablo Picasso. "When bankers get together for dinner, they discuss art. When artists get together for dinner they discuss money."-- Oscar Wilde.-- "No le tengas miedo a la perfeccion, nunca la alcanzaras",-- Dali. "Solo deja para manana lo que estes dispuesto a morir sin terminar."-- Pablo Picasso. "Cuando los banqueros se juntan a cenar, hablan de arte. Cuando los artistas se juntan a cenar, hablan de dinero."-- Oscar Wilde

Fire and Rain

Fire and Rain, watercolor, 5x7" (12x17 cm.) from my daily journal. "Fuego y Lluvia", acuarela de mi cuaderno de pinturas diarias.

Continuing with my comments about the book BASQUIAT, by Phoebe Hoban, he played with the words: ART, RAT, TAR... he took tons of drugs. And his pin code for his bank account was: "So what?". Basquiat was constantly drawing and painting. He was a genious, and he worked non-stop. Continuando con mis comentarios acerca del libro BASQUIAT, por Phebe Hoban, el jugaba con las palabras ART, RAT, TAR...tomaba muchisima droga. Su palabra secreta par su cuenta bancaria era: "Y a mi, que?". Basquiat estaba constantemente dibujando y pintando. El era un genio, y trabajaba sin parar.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Twilight, oil on canvas, 10x10" (25x25 cm.) These towers are in Balboa Park, in San Diego, California. The painting is hanging at Petrini's Restaurant, in San Diego, California. Estas torres estan en el Balboa Park, en San Diego, California. La pintura, oleo sobre tela, cuelga en el Restaurante Petrini, en San Diego, California.

I recently read the book BASQUIAT, by Phoebe Hoban. "His trademark erasures were his most heartfelt artistic gesture." His concept was that society repeats itself, that everything is the same old thing. Basquiat's work appeared at the same time as Jenny Holzer's. They both played with words, influenced by Derrida's principle of "sous rature", under erasure, deconstruction. Hace poco lei el libro BASQUIAT, de Phoebe Hoban. "Su marca tipica de borrones y tachaduras eran su gesto artistico mas intimo." Su concepto fue que la sociedad se repite a si misma, que todo es siempre lo mismo. El trabajo de Basquiat aparecio al mismo tiempo que el de Jenny Holzer. Ambos jugaban con palabras, influenciados por el principio de Derrida, de tachar y escribir por encima, deconstruccion.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Balboa Park over the Pyrenees

Balboa Park over the Pyrenees, mixed media, 16x21" (40x53cm.), is hanging at Petrini's Restaurant, Ash and India sts. in Little Italy, San Diego, California. This painting was part of the series of San Diego scenes (Balboa Park) over maps, in this case over a map of the French Pyrenees. Esta pintura del parque Balboa en San Diego, pintada sobre un mapa de los Pirineos Franceses, es parte de mi serie de escenas de San Diego sobre mapas de distintas partes del mundo. En este momento cuelga en el Restaurante Petrini, en la esquina de las calles Ash y India, en San Diego, California.

Kandinsky, in "On the Question of Form", said: "Between the composition purely abstract and the realistic composition, there is room in a painting for the combination of realistic and abstract elements." Kandinsky, en "Sobre la Question de la Forma", dijo: "Entre la composicion puramente abstracta y la composicion realista, hay lugar en una pintura para la combinacion de elementos abstractos y realistas."

Balancing the Future

Balancing the Future, pastel on suede board, 27x20" (67x50cm. I exhibited this pastel at the San Clemente Art Gallery in 2007. I was so touched by this image of a Chinese mother carrying her two children on baskets, the traditional way they carry everything in China, and the fact that one child is looking ahead and the other one back at us. As China is a country with so much future, I decided to title it accordingly. "Balanceando el Futuro", pintura al pastel en carton gamuzado. Exhibi este pastel en la galeria de arte de San Clemente en 2007. Esta imagen me llego al alma, una madre china llevando a sus dos ninos en canastas, a la manera tradicional en que llevan todo en China, y el hecho que uno de los ninos mira adelante, y el otro se da vuelta para mirarnos a nosotros. Como China es un pais con tanto futuro, decidi titular la pintura de esta manera.