Friday, July 13, 2012

Budapest City Park, watercolor

Budapest City Park, Hungary. watercolor, 14x21cm. available.
This park is walking distance from my residency. There is a big lake in the park, where you can rent rowing boats, restaurants and a castle on the lake. In the park, there is also the city zoo, a permanent circus, and the Szecheny Thermal Baths, beautiful buildings in Art Nouveau style, with pools with different water temperature. My guess is that between 200 and 300 people can comfortably enjoy the baths at any given time, in the different pools, or sauna, hammas, different massages, etc. At sunset, when the sky is blue/pink, the buildings are yellow/orange, and the water is blue. Some people play chess in the water, some people play chess on the balconies overlooking the pools from the cafeteria. The ticket is for all day.

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