Saturday, April 13, 2013


Arica II, Chile, watercolor, 4x6
South America Cruise series # 20

Waiting to catch a taxi, standing in the corner in front of this awesome hill, I just HAD to draw it. So with my very fine pen, I drew what I saw on my watercolor paper, while my husband and friends tried to hail a taxi. My drawing done, the taxi arrived, and we went to visit some of the marks on the rocks, from the ancient inhabitants of the area. Later I put some color on the drawing...and listo! La montaña de Arica!

Don't forget to come SUNDAY, APRIL 14TH, TO THE RECEPTION AT GALLERY 21, SPANISH VILLAGE ART CENTER, BALBOA PARK, SAN DIEGO. 3:00-7:00PM. If you must, call in sick at work, ditch school, walk a hundred miles, and come see the show! Then, buy some paintings!

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