Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Emma Ricklund, pastel, 12x9 in (30x21 cm.)

I have done this pastel today from a black and white photograph of Emma Ricklund I found on the internet. I know her eyes were blue, but the hair color I imagined. I hope she forgives me. I told yesterday the love story between Folkes and Emma. Well...nothing lasts forever, and their love didn't either. They separated, he moved away, Emma stayed at the big house in Saxnäs, and continued to welcome artists to her house and to the hotel next door, Saxnäsgården. Before she died, she left her beautiful house and art collection, for public viewing, and the studio for artists to come from all over the world to work. I am blessed to be here at Ricklundgården, thanks to her generosity.

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