Thursday, February 18, 2010

Autumn `a Cauterets

Autumn `a Cauterets is a small watercolor I did in my sketchbook in the fall, sitting on the bench at Vieux Pauze. When I'm in the Haute Pyrenees, in France, I love walking up there to paint.

Growth as artists happens slowly and almost unconsciously. Beginners are often concerned with finishing a painting, with the end result, but we actually learn more from each attempt, and with failure. We must take risks! I draw and/or paint all the time. I carry a small sketchbook with me, and do value studies or small watercolors or quick pencil sketches on buses, airplanes, in cafes and restaurants, in the car while somebody else is driving. This is a great way to study people and places. When we have to work quickly we can grasp the essential elements, which sharpens our perception.

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