Sunday, May 27, 2012

Good News!

Good News!, ink, pencil and charcoal, March page of my 2011 Sketchbook: "Travel With Minnie", the original will be  in Oakland, CA, from June 1-20...check it out!

My original pencil and pastel portrait of Leonardo da Vinci, is 20x16, then I photographed my painting, and printed and pasted it on that page of my notebook. I visited the exhibition in iami8bit gallery, 2147 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, this past weekend, it was awesome! On Friday, there were long lines of people to get a library card with which you could check out two sketchbooks and read them there, then come back for more. I went with my friend Lily, we each checked out two notebooks, then exchanged them with neighbors sitting up the stairs, had a glass of wine, and enjoyed the energy, good humor, concentration, friendship, and wonderful vibes coming from everybody there! The Sketchbook Project has a fantastic organization, way to go!!!

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