Wednesday, June 27, 2012

La Seine from the BHV cafeteria, Paris, watercolor

La Seine from the BHV Cafeteria, Paris, France. Watercolor, 4x6" . Available.
I painted this small watercolor sketch last week, from the 5th floor window of the BHV store, on the Rue de Rivoli. Now I am painting the mountains, the beautiful Pyrénnés , in the south-west.
I like to look at my paintings the next day, do a little touch up maybe, before taking the picture and publishing something I may be sorry later. Usually I photograph my work later, that way I allow some time between the painting and my looking at it again, with "fresh" eyes, before final approval. Final? Occassionally I have changed my mind again, later, too!

Location:Place Maréchal Foch,Cauterets,France

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