Thursday, June 21, 2012

Paris, La Concergerie

Paris, La Concergerie, watercolor, 8x10, available. I arrived yesterday. Paris is a city of lights, of art, of music, and more than anything else, of dreams. My feet may hurt from walking so much, but my heart....ah! my heart is singing! Paris, je t'aime!
On the plane, I saw a video titled: "Picasso, influence on the development of Modern Art in England". It was very interesting. They said that Picasso visited England only once in his life, for several months, and he left vowing never to return, and he didn't. He found Brittish art "pretty",  Yet, his influence in Brittish Modern Art has been enormous, particularly his influence on Henry Moore, Francis Bacon, and Sutherland, who took the theme of crucificion after Picasso's style. Picasso's 1st major retrospective in the 1960's in London brought major visitors, including David Hockney, who loved Picasso's works.

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