Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A LA ESCUELA II, PANAMA, pastel on Canson paper

A LA ESCUELA II, PANAMA, pastel on Canson paper, 12x18 in.
Painted a couple of years ago, while I was in Boquete, Panama, surrounded by PanameƱan people from different ancestry: Spanish, and Gnobe-Bugle. This girl is wearing the typical dress of the Gnobe-Bugle women, in bright colors, and decorated with ribbons in zig-zag. Also, the cut of the dress seems to be made to de-emphasize the "feminine curves", yet this young girl attracted my eye as she walked past me, on her way to school.

I was able to quickly capture her image with my camera, and later I painted her in pastel (this version here) and in oil on burlap coffe bag. Enjoy!

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