Wednesday, October 2, 2013

TRUST, watercolor

TRUST, watercolor, 14x11in.

A few years ago, my friend Frank asked me to paint  this image. He wanted to offer this image as a present to his wife, Marisa. Frank and I were talking about this image without her knowledge. I decided to paint it in watercolor, which was Marisa's favorite medium. After Frank gave the framed watercolor to Marisa, we all laughed very much at the "secrecy" of our communications, when dealing with the request and later delivery of the painting.

Today, I offer this publication in honor of Frank. Marisa left us at the beginning of this year, and Frank has recently left us, to join his dear wife. They had shared 56 years of marriage, and the love of children, grandchildren, and many friends. Goodbye Frank!

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