Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Health Care

Health Care, watercolor, 11x14" (27x35cm.) has also been accepted as "Meritorious Entry" to the Richson 75 International Still Life and Abstract Competition 2011.

When opportunity knocks: I was reading the biography of Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863) by Ivonne Deslandres, and learned a few interesting facts: His mother married Charles Delacroix, who was 17 years older than her, left for the Netherlands with a government position, where he had a tumor, was operated on, and died in 1805.  Meanwhile at home in Paris, Talleyrand  succeeded Charles Delacroix as Minister of Foreign Relations in 1797, and lived in the same building, was much younger, healthy and energetic than the young painter's father. Eugene was born in 1798.  In 1822, when Eugene Delacroix was only 24 years old and an art student, the State of France bought a painting  for 1200 francs (year 1822) and soon after another one for 6000 francs. Apparently, Talleyrand had a say in paintings bought by the State. There was gossip at the time that Talleyrand was actually his father. These purchases by the  State put Delacroix in an early road to fame.
Cuando la oportunidad llama a la puerta: Estaba leyendo la biografia de Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863) por Ivonne Deslandres, y aprendi algunos hechos interesantes: Su madre se caso con Charles Delacroix, 17 anos mayor que ella, quien partio para los Paises Bajos con un cargo del gobierno, donde luego tuvo un tumor, lo operaron, y finalmente murio en 1805. Mientras tanto en casa, en Paris, Talleyrand habia sido nombrado en el antiguo cargo de Charles, como Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores en 1797, y vivia en el mismo edificio, era mucho mas joven y saludable que el padre de nuestro pintor. Eugene nacio en 1798. En 1822, cuando el joven Eugene Delacroix tenia solo 24 anos y era estudiante de arte, el Estado de Francia compro una de sus pinturas por 1200 francos (1822) y luego otra por 6000 francos. Aparentemente, Talleyrand tenia opinion y poder sobre las pinturas compradas por el Estado. Hubo rumores en su epoca que Talleyrand era el padre verdadero de Eugene. Estas compras por el Estado lo pusieron a Delacroix en su temprano camino a la fama.

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