Sunday, September 1, 2013

ROLLING STONES, France, watercolor

Rolling Stones, France, watercolor, 18x24 in

This painting will be in the show at the Bibliotheque de Cauterets, South West France, starting next Tuesday, September 3rd, going on till September 30th. Come see the show!

Will Gompertz, in WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?: 150 years of Modern Art in the Blink of An Eye, says that the problem we face with a new work of art is one of comprehension. He says that art is like a game, and you need to know the rules and regulations. I find this comparison quite clever. There is also a chart at the beginning, that spans from 1870 to today. It's colorful and comprehensive, it has helped me understand some of the relationships between and among the different "isms" during the 20th Century.

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