Monday, November 18, 2013

AU LAPIN AGILE, watercolor

Au Lapin Agile, 7x9 in. watercolor, in exhibition now at Petrini's Restaurant, Ash and India streets, Little Italy, San Diego, California. I've been exhibiting my paintings at Petrini's Restaurant since March 2006, when David Petrini opened its doors for the first time. I usually change the show twice a year, a shorter winter/holiday season exhibition, and a longer spring/summer/autumn exhibition.  Come to Petrini's for the art, and come for the food, delicious italian cooking by the Master Chef, David himself!

Au Lapin Agile is the famous bar-cabaret where the intellectuals, artists, writers, used to meet at the beginning of the 20th. C.  Paris. Coming down from Montmartre, this is the lovely view.

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