Friday, April 15, 2011

Balboa Park Tower

Balboa Park Tower, 10x8" (25x20cm.) watercolor on board. Painted on location, one fun morning.

Again I'll comment on Louise Bourgeois, who in her 90s, still painting strong, producing some exciting and original pieces, said of her life's work: "My early work is the fear of falling. Later on it became the art of falling. How to fall without hurting yourself. Later on is the art of hanging in there." She was talking about her art, but I feel that is true about our life in general. We spend years dealing with different fears, until we master how to do so many things: drive, work, love, be a parent, and eventually, life becomes the art of hanging in there.
Otra vez comento sobre Louise Bourgeois, quien ya entrado los 90 anos, seguia produciendo trabajos originales e interesantes. Ella dijo sobre la obra que produjo en su vida: "Mis obras tempranas son acerca del miedo de caer. Mas tarde se transformo en el arte de caer. Como caer sin lastimarse. Mas tarde llego a ser el arte de seguir aguantando." Ella hablaba de su obra artistica, pero yo pienso que eso se aplica a nuestra vida en general. Nos pasamos anos conquistando diferentes miedos, hasta que aprendemos y dominamos el arte de hacer una variedad de cosas: conducir, trabajar, amar, ser madre, y eventualmente, la vida se transforma en el arte de mantenerte vivo.

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