Wednesday, April 13, 2011

She's a Beautiful Model

She's a Beautiful Model, watercolor and pencil, 20x16" (50x40cm.) A quick sketch and paint from a drawing session with an older model. It's so interesting to use older models! This lady used a variety of props and had a wonderful attitude.
Este dibujo/acuarela rapida es de una sesion con una modelo de mayor edad. Es muy interesante usar modelos mayores! Esta senora usaba una variedad de elementos decorativos, y tenia una actitud maravillosa.

I've recently read a biography of Louise Bourgeois by Ann Coxon. There is an anecdote of what L.B. said after seeing an exhibition of 400 pieces of Picasso. She wrote:''It was so beautiful, and it revealed such genius...that I did not pick up a paint-brush for a month." What's so interesting, is that Picasso himself felt something similar when he saw Manet's "Le Dejeneur sur l'Herbe", he couldn't paint for a few days, then he only painted  "Dejeneur sur l'Herbe"s  for months! As a result, we have many "Lunch on the Grass" by Picasso, after Edouard Manet's one and only, which changed the history of art. I had the marvelous good luck of being in Paris when all of these Picasso's "Lunch..." were exhibited together with Manet's original "Lunch..." at the Musee d'Orsay, a couple of years ago. The feeling of "spiritual communion" with an artist's work is documented as being as strong as having an epiphany, a revelation, a magical moment.
Recientemente he leido la biografia de Louise Bourgeois de Ann Coxon. Hay una anecdota de lo que dijo L.B. cuando vio una exhibicion de 400 trabajos de Picasso. Ella escribio: "Era tan hermoso, revelaba tal genio...que no pude pintar por un mes." Lo que encuentro muy interesante es que el mismo Picasso sintio algo similar cuando vio "El almuerzo en la hierba", de Manet. Picasso no pudo pintar por varios dias, y luego solo podia pintar "Almuerzos..." similares, siguiendo el unico "Almuerzo..." que cambio la historia del arte. Tuve una suerte maravillosa de estar en Paris cuando todos estos "Almuerzos..." de Picasso fueron exhibidos junto con el famoso "Almuerzo..." de Manet en el Musee d'Orsay, hace un par de anos. El sentimiento de "comunion espiritual" con el trabajo de un artista ha sido documentado de ser tan fuerte como una epifania, o revelacion, o momento magico.

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