Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pavilion of the Kingdom of Bahrain, watercolor

Pavilion of the Kingdom of Bahrain, at La Biennale di Venezia, watercolor on my art-notebook, of Waheeda Malullah's photographic work.

The Kingdom of Bahrain's presentation at La Biennale included works by Mariam Haji, Waheeda Malullah, and Camille Zakharia. Waheeda Malullah is a visual artist who works in multiple media with a focus on photography and video. Playful exploration is the hallmark of her art practice. Issues regarding the role of women dress and religion in her traditional community is a typical theme of her artistic endeavors. For this Biennale exhibition, she presented photographs of women dressed in the typical burka, fully covered head to toe, in interesting situations, like the one I painted here, she's inside a huge metal pipe, probably used for waterworks. The title of this group of photographs is "A Villager's Day Out".

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