Thursday, September 1, 2011


Understanding, acrylic and oil on an ancient bookcover, 28x40cm. Available: 230Euros=$345US.
Part of the series: "Old Books", part of the exhibition: "De l'Emotion `a l'Image", hanging at the Bibliotheque Municipal de Cauterets, France. Each book-cover has been pasted/glued/varnished to a support, then painted, then framed.
Understanding (Comprension) acrilico y oleo sobre cubierta de libro antiguo, disponible:$345 dolares.
Parte de la serie: "Libros Antinguos", parte de la exhibicion: "De la Emocion a la Imagen", colgada en la Bibliotheque Municipal de Cauterets, Francia. Cada cubierta de libro ha sido pegada/varnisada a un soporte, luego pintada, luego enmarcada.

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