Wednesday, February 17, 2010

King Louis

King Louis, pencil and charcoal on paper, 8x5 in.(20x13cm)
I did this small portrait 10 or 15 years ago. Last night I went to the Gaslamp district Mardi Gras here in San Diego and heard New Orleans music played in this street party. I love Louis' music, when I read his biography I was in awe of his life. Louis Armstrong was 11 years old when accidentally shot a man (one of his mother's lovers) and was sent to jail. At 12 at the beginning of the 20th C. in the United States he was black, poor, in jail. What were his odds for a successful life? He started tinkering with music in his teens, and made the decision he was going to be happy. He "made the decision to be happy"! Mind over matter. For the rest of his life, no matter what happened, he was happy. Live and learn.

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