Friday, February 12, 2010

Larissa in Irak

Larissa in Irak, watercolor, 22x15 inches (55x37 cm.) I started this painting with a monotype. I knew I wanted the colors of the American flag as a background, so I laid the watercolors on an acrylic sheet, reversed: the blue on the right hand side. I then placed the Arches watercolor sheet carefully on top, and put weights on it: tons of heavy books. I waited for a couple of hours, then lifted the paper: voila! I had the "flag" as background. Next I painted a blue "storm", and the three female soldiers in Irak, with my handwritten words of a poem by the real Larissa, a poet who has been a soldier in Irak. The soil is gold. It was an emotional painting for me. Larissa in Irak has just been accepted at City of Brea Art Gallery's Made in California juried exhibition from 27 March-7 May 2010.

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