Thursday, February 18, 2010

Le Pont de Van Gogh then...and now

I visited this famous bridge near Arles, France, in 2007. On the left is the bridge the way Van Gogh painted it. On the right, is the bridge the way I saw it. In Van Gogh's time, women would go to the river to wash clothes. In my time, during my visit, I saw women free to express themselves.

Le Pont de Van Gogh then...and now, two small watercolors (4" x 6" each, 10x15 cm.) In the home of Frank and Marisa Kiedaisch, Santa Monica, California.
I had them framed together. My friend Marisa had been with me in Arles. When I exhibited this painting a year later, she bought it. The faith she's always shown in me has encouraged me to believe in myself as an artist.

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