Thursday, February 25, 2010

Le Haricot Tarbais

At the Friday plein air market in the town of Cauterets, France,
this blond lady with a red sweater and a blue scarf caught my eye.
I was sketching at the market, and included her in my sketches.
I painted her, and different market scenes many times, including this oil painting. When I returned to Cauterets the following summer, I talked to her and told her I had painted her. Her name is Magda, we chatted for hours and became friends. Now we visit each other often. I have also painted a portrait of her beautiful daughter, Nina. Magda shares her time between her farm in the Pyrenees, and her career as a tourist guide in Paris. Thanks to her I have had the opportunity to know Paris better than ever before! And our friendship started with one little sketch done quickly, when she wasn't looking....

Le Haricot Tarbais, oil on canvas, 27x46cm (11x18") In the home of Mme. Brigitte Scellier, Cauterets, France.

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