Sunday, March 7, 2010

MontRoyal, Palermo, Sicilia

The four of us waited for a bus to take us to the hilltop called MontRoyal. A few people were waiting, too. When the bus arrived, suddenly there were lots more people surrounding us. I got up in the front of the bus, and Nick was following me. As I walked into the bus I hear Nick screaming and I see him grabbing a man's hand. Nick was yelling "This is my money, you're a thief!" to a nice, well dressed older gentleman. Nick was shaking in anger as he was taking money away from the man's hand. The man quietly got off the bus. Nick told us he had felt the man's hand into his pocket, so he took away the bills the man was holding. When we arrived to MontRoyal, and got off the bus, Nick counted his money to see how much was missing. Surprise! He had a few Euros more than before, apparently when he recuperated his money from the thief, he had taken more than his own money. Enough for a beer for all of us! MontRoyal, watercolor, 4x6"(10x15cm)

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