Thursday, March 11, 2010

Faces of Morocco

Morocco has approximately the same size and number of inhabitants as California. Arabic is the official language, although French and Berber are also spoken. The capital is Rabat, but we visited Casablanca... ah.... Casablanca. It is the best known city thanks to stories of intrigue and the movies. The famous Casablanca of Bogart and Bacall was NOT filmed here.

We spent an entire day walking in Casablanca, the most recent landmark is the stunning, high-tech King Hassan Mosque, opened in 1993. It is the second largest mosque in the world, and the most modern, with a retractable roof, the world tallest minaret, and a laser beam pointing the way to Mecca.

In Morocco, some women cover themselves fully, from head to toe, some women dress in jeans and in a totally occidental style, but the majority at least cover their heads and/or faces with a scarf. Stores sell a wide variety and quantity of scarves, there seems to be one for every occassion. This is a watercolor from my journal, Faces of Morocco, 6x4" (15x10 cm.)

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